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Our Lady of Calvary School
11023 Kipling Lane
Philadelphia, PA 19154
Sister Mildred
Vice Principal
Mrs. Jeanne Costello

Our Lady of Calvary School is a Catholic, parochial, co-educational institution established in 1959 and sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth. Our mission is to impart an education which has as its goal the Christian development of each student in body, mind, and spirit in an atmosphere of respect and understanding. We commit ourselves to foster in each child intellectual curiosity and eagerness toward independent life-long learning. We endeavor to guide our students to attain the fullness of their personalities in relation to God, themselves, and others in the sacred and secular spheres of their lives.

Our Lady of Calvary Convent - 215-637-3599
Our Lady of Calvary CORA Program - 215-637-2977

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