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Our Lady of Calvary Student Services


A nurse is on staff to handle emergency situations, dispense medication, perform first aid, and help screen students periodically for vision, hearing, TB, etc. The Health Room is comfortable and well-equipped to handle most situations. Our staff is alert and abreast of new requirements and mandates concerning the health field. Several times during the school year, they collaborate with our Physical Education teacher to plan health or safety presentations for the students.


CORA, an Intermediate Unit, provides formal guidance and counseling services at a trailer located on school property and at the main office. The school psychologist observes, interviews, and tests children right here in our school building. CORA fosters a positive self-image in our students, as well as a positive acceptance of others. CORA helps students with learning differences and/or emotional adjustment problems which hinder their learning progress and self growth. CORA also offers hourly sessions of Reading or Math remediation in the trailer to small groups. CORA is sufficiently equipped for guidance and counseling services for individuals, groups, or families. The personnel at CORA are available to assist our teachers with the guidance and direction to help them help our children.


Students who stay in school for lunch may bring their own lunches or purchase a hot or cold lunch. Pizza, hot dogs, and hamburgers are available to each grade on a regular rotation basis, one grade a day. The lunch period is forty-five minutes and allows for outdoor play, weather permitting. Lunch moderators supervise each homeroom during the lunch period and accompany the students outdoors for playtime. Students who remain in school for lunch pay a yearly fee of $90 which is used to pay the lunch moderators. In cases of very severe weather, students may stay in the building for lunch and we accommodate them as best we can. For security reasons, no one may visit a student during lunchtime, in the school building or play area, without permission from the office. Also, students are forbidden to leave the grounds without written permission from their parents.


  1. All students attending Our Lady of Calvary School are permitted to participate in the Lunch Program. The monthly lunch fee per student is $10 and due the first Monday of each month, from September through May.
  2. Each student in the program is expected to:
    • Respect and obey the lunch moderators.
    • Say "Grace" before and after eating.
    • Eat calmly, not wasting food or drink.
    • Observe proper etiquette while eating.
    • Bring a small towel for the desktop/tabletop.
    • Stay in his or her own, assigned, desk/table while eating.
    • Clean up afterwards.
  3. For security reasons, no one is to visit a student during lunch, in the school or playground, without permission from the school office.
  4. Students are forbidden to leave the grounds without a permission note from parents/guardians.
  5. Appropriate behavior is necessary for the safety and well-being of all students. Those who disregard the rules will face a reasonable consequence.
  6. Parents agree to the rules of the Lunch Program by signing the permission form.
  7. Hot Lunches: Two grades a day may purchase the following hot lunches in this cycle: Chicken Nuggets/Fries-$2.75, Pizza-$1.25, Nuggets/Fries-$2.75, Hot Dogs/Chips-$1.50. Cold Lunches: Monday-Grades 1 and 8; Tuesday-Grades 7 and 2; Wednesday-Grades 3 and 6; Thursday-Grades 4 and 5; Friday-Grades Pre-K and K.

A reminder will be noted in the Homework Assignment Copy and payment is due, in a clearly-marked envelope, on the day of the scheduled hot lunch. They are optional. Also, "Brown Bag Express" lunches are available daily at a price determined by what is ordered the week before, from the menu provided. Order(s) and payment are due the last day of the prior week.


Snacks may be brought to school for recess or purchased weekly. We offer the following: White milk/chocolate milk or orange juice $3.00, regular soft pretzel $2.25, small soft pretzel - $2.00. All prices and orders are placed on Thursdays, with weekly payment, in a clearly-marked envelope (name and homeroom).

C.A.R.E.S. -- Children Are Receiving Extended Services

This program is provided for those parents who request before- or after-school care for their children. For a reasonable fee, children are dropped off before school and/or remain after school until they are picked up by a parent any time before 6:00 PM. The children report to assigned classrooms before or after school. Under the supervision of our staff, the students have a snack, enjoy some playtime, and settle down to homework after school. To register your child(ren), please call the school office for full- or part-time service. This program is flexible (mindful of work schedules), operates on all school days, whether they are full or half days, and through most of the summer. Our program also runs on late arrival/early dismissal snow days!


An activity for children in Grades 3 to 8. The choir sings at the Noon Sunday Mass and at special School Masses throughout the school year.

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